Life is full of ups and downs and we are often tossed about on that rollercoaster ride. To weather those sudden drops, precipitous climbs and disorienting loops, we need some source of stability.

Stability comes from habits–small actions we take everyday without fail. It’s not neccessarily even about what the action is, but whether we do it or not. The actions we take cast votes towards who we think we are and that sense of identity gives us solid ground to stand on when things get rough.

Small means that it takes 30 seconds or less to complete. Small also means that you are done after those 30 seconds. If you feel like doing more, by all means. But some days you aren’t going to feel like doing more, and that’s ok, doing the small thing is enough.

I want to write more. This post is my small thing. Today it’s more than one sentence, but some days it won’t be. I’m fine with that. Like I said it’s all about showing up.