In the evening on weekdays a train departs from Grand Central to New Haven once every half hour or so. When I get to the station, I look at the screens to see where I need to go. I usually arrive 5 minutes before I can take the soonest train, which means if I have to run if I wan’t to catch it. On most ocassions I prefer getting on the next train early. I could use the TrainTime app on my phone to better time my arrival and always get the first train, but I never do. Why? It’s not worth it. There are too many things between me and getting on that train that are outside of my control(looking at you MTA). I don’t need to add the additional stress of a timer ticking down. I’ll ultimately end up deciding which train to take at the station in anyway.

Consider this less a commuting strategy and more an example of a life philosophy. Namely, that there are things out of your control that are going to effect you. You have a choice in whether to let them bother you i.e. checking the time and giving yourself the illusion of control, or letting things play out as they will, giving your best effort and seeing where you end up. Wherever you do end up, even if it’s late for the first train, know that there’s always another train coming.