I got back from a family trip to LA 8 days ago. In that time I’ve done two things everyday: burpees and write a bit in this blog. I also wasted an entire day and half watching the terrible (for too many reasons to count) Canadian reality comedy show Kenny vs. Spenny. Three of the last 8 days, I nearly forgot to write before I fell asleep, but made the conscious decision to write the smallest possible thing, just to keep the streak going. To the best of my memory, I’ve done the burpees at the same time (after brushing my teeth in the morning) all 8 days. I’m ridiculously proud that I’ve been able to maintain both streaks for as long as I have especially given the slump. It just goes to show that baby steps work. Commit to doing a few things and keep up with them and it can help make tumultous times feel less so.