When things get uncomfortable, run away. If it’s uncomfortable or difficult, you’re doing it wrong. There’s an easier, simpler way you’re missing. Find that instead.

This is the story I’ve been telling myself for over a decade and it’s also one of the most damaging. There’s a lot of value in asking yourself, “How can I make this simpler?” or “If this was easy, what would it look like?”, but most things in life are neither easy nor simple. If you think they are supposed to be, than you, like me, will procrastinate. You will put off work, awaiting a “mood” for something to become easy, you’ll come to resent hard things, and you’ll struggle to stay consistent.

The new story goes like this: When things get uncomfortable, lean in. Figure out why it makes you uncomfortable. If it’s uncomfortable or difficult, that’s natural, few things in life are simple or easy. Push through. Maybe there’s an easier way, but get it done first. You can optimize after.