I’m getting more in touch with my calendar. I use to only look at it for meetings that other people put on there, but over the past week I’ve been playing with putting things on there myself. It’s terrifying. I feel like I’m hurtling towards a bleak future–one in which I lose my humanity and become a robot–life bound and dictated by what’s written in my calendar. However, the alternative seems just as bleak: A thick obliviousness to the passage of time and propensity towards wasting as much of it as possible.

In my mind, which is so often wrong (as is the case right now), there exists no middle-ground between these polar fates. In reality, a compromise seems inevitable. In my experience (with the exception of some meetings) time I have scheduled myself is very seldom wasted. This observation precipitates all my tinkering.

As distrustful I am of calendars and all the trappings of productivity and efficiency that they come with, It’s worth playing with some ways to capture and invest time that otherwise might be lost to dithering and the vapid indulgences of our baser instincts.