How do you give more value to something? I know of only one way—apply more effort to it. In other words, invest in it.

Invest in your possessions by being selective and deliberate in what you choose to possess. Investing implies a certain longevity so consider your purchases not on the scale of months or years, but on that of lifetimes. Then, an item acquired abroad may no longer be a souvenir, but an heirloom. One that comes with a rich narrative and unmistakable significance.

Invest in your relationships by being the glue that keeps the people you care about close to you. Be the first to reach out. Do the thankless work of organizing get togethers. You’re relationships will mean more to you when you are putting in the work of keeping them. Whether they are worth it is an entirely different question.

Invest in your experiences by doing your utmost to make memories of them. Sure, take pictures. But also, get excited beforehand, obsess during and reminisce after. Your perception of the experience defines the reality so if you want to give it value, do everything you can to enrich your perception of what will, is, and did happen.

Life is defined by the things we choose to give value to—the things we invest in.

“You cannot spend time—only invest or waste it.” -Anonymous