I’m gaining yet another new appreciation for TDD with this second go at the HTTP Server. For the first time, I can actually see -I feel like it’s something I understand intuitively, but until now haven’t actually experienced (at least to this extent)- how tests can influence the design of code. I started this attempt at the server with the entry point of the program, the Main method, but it proved to difficult to test, so I moved on to writing tests to configure the server. The next logical step from there was to actually test the server loop and following that the actual service, which I’m currently still testing. At this point the program won’t actually do anything if it’s run (I actually don’t think it will run at this point as the main method isn’t written), but interestingly through writing out a total of 5 tests, I have the majority of the scaffolding and design in place for the server. It’s like I’ve built a house of interfaces and abstractions for the business logic to occupy based on some specs provided by the tests. Pretty cool.

Other than that, I’ve gotten rid of the Vim emulator on top of VisualStudio at the behest of my mentors. They say that it will confuse me to learn Vim in something that isn’t Vim. I don’t have the experience to argue and I did find it rather difficult when I was practicing the kata so I’ll stick with VS and ReSharper shortcuts for the time being.