Last week I finished my Java HTTP server. It was my biggest challenge to date, and through the (at times) grueling process, I learned a lot about Java, HTTP, how the internet works, and most importantly, the limitations and failings of my own workflow. As such, this week I’m focusing on improving my discipline. Specifically, I’m beating the best practices of TDD and Git workflow into my fingers and brain through the rehearsal and ultimate performance of a kata in C#.

This is a return to fundamentals that is graciously welcomed. I really appreciate the opportunity that my mentors have given me to establish a stronger base. I might be able to get by without it, but it doesn’t help me thrive, and it doesn’t make things easier for me as I progress.

. . .

After working on the prime factors kata all day,  I’m really impressed with the wisdom behind katas in general. Repeat a process enough times and try to improve that process each time and you seem to completely internalize the theory behind it. I wish I had been prescient enough to work on one sooner. Seriously, It’s forced me to learn the keybindings of VisualStudio and ReSharper more quickly than I ever would as well as making me get more serious about improving my touch typing. It’s a panacea for inadequacy, and lack of discipline.