Today was rough, I stayed up late on Sunday and decided at the same time that I am done with coffee for a bit. The morning was pretty much a wash, a lot of yawning and staring blankly at the screen. I started perking up around 2pm and was able to do some refactoring of my Server by adding a service factory so that I could create a new service for each client.

Really quick on the caffeine thing. I’ll give credit to the 8LU talk last Friday. I followed up that talk by listening to this one, and I think the main thing that I’ve got in my head as the reason for doing this is to be more in touch with my body’s natural rhythms and to not rob from my future self. Otherwise, I find it more difficult to sleep and sleep well, which throws everything out of whack  and unfortunately, that has kind of been the norm for the past couple of weeks. Based on past experience I can probably expect another day or two of misery and then things will start to pick-up.