Yeah, it’s a long road…

The majority of the day was spent jotting down pseudo code and diagrams in my notebook, with an occasional visit to the REPL to verify a few things. I started off with the idea that I could simply match up the string version of an empty tic tac toe board and replace certain characters in it based on their index within the string. I didn’t figure out a way to do this, although I’d be surprised if it was anymore complex than what I ended up with. I reasoned that there were 4 space strings that I needed to concern myself with “|” “” “      |” and “        ”. Arrange a combination of those 4 in the right order and you’ve got a board. Each of these spaces have two potential states, empty or filled. This means that in total there are 8 potential states to account for.

With this in the back of my mind, I first decided that the first thing I would need to do is split up the board into units that correspond to the different types of spaces. For example, given that the board is just a vector 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8], I would want the spaces [0 1 3 4] to some how be converted into “_|” or “_X|” if there was a marker in one of them. I decided to split the board up into rows and then split the rows up further so that I could map the correct spaces to the correct string representations of the board. This eventually, worked, but despite my efforts there appears to be some needless repetition as well as some potential dependency issues, which I hope to refactor and clean-up tomorrow. I think should mention that I have not been using TDD at all during these “stories”. I’m aware that my code and specifically my UI needs to be refactored to make the code more easily testable, and since I haven’t done that yet I’m not quite sure how to get better test coverage. Perhaps, that should have been the first thing I did…

I finished reading about the final SOLID principal today, and I feel like I need to go back and revisit all of them in a different context. They aren’t quit sticking for whatever reason.

A couple of other things I’ve noticed:

  • I’ve completely fallen off the wagon with typing practice
  • The Vim shortcuts tab in my browser is consistently open, but seldom visited.